Business Presentations

Below are the different Sessions and Topics that will be discussed during our Business Summit.

General Business + Structures

  • The Value & Power of a Corporate Structure

  • The Value & Power of a Non-Profit Organization

  • How to Maximize Your LLC

  • How to Maximize Your 501c3 & Non-Profit Structure

  • Circulating Resources: Partnering a For-Profit with a Non-Profit

  • Asset Protection - Protecting Yourself, Your Money, and Your Business!

  • Security + Privacy + Encryption - Keep Your Information Private & Safe!

Credit + Money

  • Business Credit - Secrets Revealed

  • Person Credit - Secrets Revealed

  • How To Own Everything Through Your Business

  • Structures To Guaranteed Financing

  • Best Ways to Finance Your Vision/Business

  • Guaranteed Ways To Establish Good Credit Fast

  • How To Properly Leverage Cash & Credit

Branding + Marketing

  • How to Start a Brand, Business, Non-Profit Organization, or Initiative with Zero Dollars

  • How to Maximize Your Brand & Exposure on Social Media

  • How to Identify & Maximize Respect, Relationships, and Resources

  • Secrets Revealed: How to become a Top Influencer, Realtor, Network Marketer, Agent, and Brand

  • Social Media - Secrets Revealed

  • Power & Value of Sweat Equity in Branding & Marketing

Entertainment + Music

  • Educate, Entertain, and Engage - How To Create a Million-Dollar Empire from the Ground Up

  • Secrets Revealed: Music Business from A-Z

  • How to Properly Incorporate Your Record Label

  • How to Properly Sign Artists on Your Record Label

  • How to Protect Your Music & Your Rights

  • How to Tap Into All Revenue Streams

  • How to Properly Identify & Tap Into Complimentary & Supportive Revenue Streams

  • The Best Artist Development Structure

  • How to Establish Strong Market Positioning

  • How to Establish Fan Loyalty

  • How to Convert Fans Into Your Brand Ambassadors

  • How to Become The Best At What You Do

  • How To Establish Your Own Tour With Very Little Money

  • The Power of Strategic Affiliates & Partnerships (Collaborations)

  • Listing of Top Entertainment & Music Resources